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We treat you as a whole person.

The first time you meet with your doctor, you will spend approximately an hour in consultation. In our practice, we recognize that all systems within the body are connected – physically, mentally and emotionally – and each affects the others. While we utilize all the latest medical technology, the most important tools we use to diagnose and treat you effectively are our eyes, ears and hands.


We go beyond treating your symptoms. We work to control the cause. In addition to your medical and family history, we want to get to know you in the context of your work and family environment. We review your personal health risks, such as smoking, blood pressure, high cholesterol, level of stress and other lifestyle factors. What you tell us, along with what your body tells us, will help us find the cause of your illness and select the most effective course of treatment.

Your body’s musculoskeletal system is central to your well-being. Your body’s system of bones and muscles makes up 2/3 of your body mass, and a routine part of your examination is a careful evaluation of these important structures. Manipulation can identify structural problems and restore normal function, often providing an alternative to therapies involving drugs and/or surgeries.

Our certified physicians can provide all forms of osteopathic manipulation, therapeutic injections into the muscles, joints, bursas, tendons and ligaments to decrease pain, inflammation, and help rebuild tissue and improve functions.


Our therapists will help with your evaluation and treatment plans. They will administer physical medicine treatments, and will help integrate your exercise rehabilitation program. Included are many modalities that help return patients to their best exercise potentials such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, hot and cold treatments, massage, mobilization, and vibration, one on one stretching.

Our certified personal one on one exercise trainers will guide you, encourage you, cajole you, and push you to achieve your best results. Our overall comprehensive approach will increase your commitment to health, help you recover your potential, and decrease your risk of injury and disease.

Our certified massage therapists utilize a variety of techniques including Swedish, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, and Chinese Tui-Na Massage. Designed to produce therapeutic changes to biologic tissues, massage therapy is used to augment osteopathic treatment by administering a program of brief sessions. The treatments include moist heat, ultrasound, electro-stimulation, spray and stretch, range of motion exercises, and stretching and strengthening techniques.

Widely recognized for reducing pain, massage therapy has many outstanding benefits. It can improve circulation, decreases nerve and muscle irritability, enrich stamina and attentiveness and alleviate tension and anxiety. In cases where age, injury or illness produces inactivity, massage can improve agility.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

All of our physicians are Board Certified in Neuro Musculoskeletal Medicine which indicates a high

level of proficiency in all types of Manual Medicine.

Joint Mobilization

This form of manipulation ranges from gentle, rhythmic oscillatiion to active joint manipulation

classically associated with a "popping" noise as a joint vacuum is released and improved

range of motion is noted.

Cranial Osteopathy

There are two poles of thought in Cranial Osteopathy that sometimes appear oppositional, but can be viewed as a spectrum of physician-patient interactions. Physician's awareness of patient's and their own inherent tendencies allow for improved communication and treatment results. At one pole the doctors perceive themselves as evaluating objective data treating mechanical problems that are encountered and addressed directly. While operating from the outside, there is a clear dialogue or negotiation with the patient's intemal mechanism and sense of self, a dance with two partners. The physician is most comfortable in a logical coherent, inducible scientific paradigm, wherein they operate as a mechanic. At the other pole, doctors work indirectly, trying not to impose themselves on the patients' inherent healing mechanism. Although interacting with the patient down to the spiritual level, they act as a witness, or conduit for higher powers that come out of a centered stillness. Physical obstructions may be viewed as an enneagram that may enfold emotional or mental aspects. The physician is comfortable with an inuitional, quantum, creative, deductive approach historically most easily identified with the cultural role of shaman or healer. In the early 1900's Rudolf Steiner created a system of physical training to improve cognition skills in children called Eurythmy. Letters of the alphabet and their sounds where translated into physical movements so that words and concepts could be physicalized. His counterpart to teaching the abstract science of mathematics to young children was to physicalize numbers as objects, as in 3 or 4 blocks, or 2 or 3 dogs, or 1/2 or 1/4 of a pie. To this system of quantitative shapes, sounds and motions at least one qualitative spectrum was added. At one pole was Apollonian Movement, which was intentional, self directed and had the characteristics of Apollo, the Greek god of wisdom and thought. At the other pole was Dionysian Movement which was outer directed, reactive and had the quality of a leaf being blown by the wind, or of being pulled by a magnet. The same movement vocabulary can be done in either mode, or by a mixture of the two. Similarly, persons with a musical inclination can recognize the same melody in two different modes, or scales, although one may sound lighter or darker, sadder or happier. It is a singular peculiarity of human beings that we are able to selectively magnify or diminish parts of the perceptual field around us, in fact the very act of thinking about a patient changes them. The interaction of two bioelectric fields is an inevitable byproduct of touch. That bioelectric interaction is the sin qua non of cranial osteopathy, as well as other manual methods of treatrnent. The most practical, down to earth Osteopathic mechanic has to recognize in certain patients a need/desire for a more psychological succor that they are prepared to offer. The most spiritually committed, intuitional Cranial Osteopath has to acknowledge in all humility, that being less than perfect, there was a mesomorph that rapidly improved somewhere else with a treatment that they were not inclined to offer. These differences between Dionysian and Apollonian, between mechanical and intuitional, can be resolved to the patient's therapeutic benefit when the physician recognizes their own strong suit, and ultimately the mode that will most benefit a particular patient.

Muscle Energy

This form of manipulation is utilized by our physicians to improve neuromuscular function via

active contraction and relaxation of the muscles in very specific positions.

Myofascial Release

Is a form of manipulation used directly against a motion barrier (joint restriction) or indirectly positioned into a strain pattern of the connective tissues. The forces are mild to moderately



A classic Osteopathic approach utilizing tender areas in muscles, ligaments and fascia to

monitor and treat somatic dysfunction of joints and muscles. A gentle, but often effective

technique, also known as positional release.

Trigger Point Injections

Our physicians, who have been in practice over sixty five years combined, have given close

to several hundred thousand of these injections with many excellent results. Injections are

typically done into hyper tender areas in muscles with a local anesthetic and saline (salt water)

This reduces the neuromuscular focus of pain and spasm. Manipulation therapy and exercise

are then more successful.

Neural Therapy

Our primary form of neural therapy is an injection of a local anesthetic into scar tissue.

This softens the scar decreasing pain, improves nerve and energy flow that was blocked

by the scar tissue. Manipulation of the area is then far more effective. Scars, not only

soften, but improve cosmetically.



This is an injection treatment designed to stimulate healing of ligament laxity and tendon

weakness or joint instability. The painful weakened areas are injected with a proliferant

solution which causes an intense inflammatory reaction. This reaction then initiates a new

healing phase wherein cells called fibroblasts deposit new collagen.

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Acupuncture is available with our New York State Licensed Acupuncturist. Acupuncture is utilized for a wide range of medical and orthopedic conditions. It is a well established adjunct to general health and exercise rehabilitation originated in China and Japan many centuries ago.

Reflexology combined with Medical Massage

  • Relieves Stress, Tension and Anxiety

Foot Reflexology activates sensory receptors and stimulates the nervous system. This will release neurochemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins, which are natural painkillers in our system. General relaxation has a diminishing effect on pain. By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxation is promoted and insomnia is decreased. Relaxation also decreases stress hormones.

  • Increase Circulation

The muscles relax and release the constricted blood vessels. With the blood and lymph flowing more freely, the congestion is reduced and muscle tightness and stiffness is relieved.

  • Enhances the Body's Natural Healing System

With the relaxation of the body and the increased flow of circulation, the body will begin the healing process from within. The increased flow of blood will increase the oxygen and nutrients which will make a person feel more like being active. More activity increases more blood flow and the cycle continues. Increased lymph flow decreases waste in the body.

Cardiac Stress Test to asses the health of your heart and establish a baseline of your cardiovascular status and endurance. This will help us plan your aerobic exercise training.

Computerized Postural Screening. This will objectively determine your current posture and direct us to what areas of your body need work and what exercises will work best.

Computerized surface EMG testing of your spinal muscles and joint range of motion. This will help determine if you have any muscle and joint imbalances that can be helped by manipulation, massage and specific exercises.

Biomechanical Analysis of your lower extremities and pelvis structure with computer and x-ray analysis. It is estimated that 40% - 60% of the population have either foot problems or differences in their leg lengths that increase their risk of injury with exercise. These tests will asses your risk and help us determine the optimal combination of exercises, physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation and/or orthotics for your health.

ANSAR: Due to stress, metabolic problems, too much or too little exercise, medications or neurological and circulatory issues 50% - 70% of the population have mild to moderate imbalances in their sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Many non pharmacological approaches are available to balance the autonomic nervous system which will enhance your exercise rehabilitation and general wellness. We use the ANSAR system, the same state of the art program used by neurologists, cardiologists and endocrinologists.

CV Profilor: A quick, simple and non-invasive test, the CVProfilor measures artery elasticity, & can tell us what is going on in the aorta and other vessels, this can help us identify whether you have potential underlying vascular disease. When arteries stiffen, they are more likely to clog and cause heart attacks and strokes. Decreased circulation exacerbates pain syndrome and impairs healing of musculoskeletal tissue.

ENG/VAT: screening can monitor for vestibular dysfunction. 70 million Americans over the age of 40 have some form of inner-ear dysfunction that causes dizziness. Unfortunately, inner-ear problems can make you up to three times more likely to suffer a potentially fatal fall. Preventative measures can be taken to guard against falling. This test can also help pinpoint whether your eyes and inner ear are causing an imbalance between your eyes and neck. This can be associated with neck aches, headaches or visual difficulties with computers.

X-Ray Services: Our practice is preeminent in the evaluation and treatment of leg length differences, pelvic imbalances and their relationship to various types of back pain. Diagnostic X-Ray services and specialized techniques in postural radiology are available on-site. To insure the comprehensiveness of the examination, our doctors are always available to review your X-Rays and make recommendations.

Blood/Urine: If these chemistries are needed, we will refer you to an appropriate laboratory.